My New Year resolution is 1080p πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Are new year Resolutions a necessity ?
‘The most amazing part about making New year’s resolutions is breaking new year resolutions’

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Welcome to Another new year & another set of Resolutions

We can’t believe that already we are in the new year 2020.All of us faithfully plan certain promises to be fulfilled religiously,famously known worldwide as New year resolutions which can include a varieties of ‘ what I am going to do/not going to do stuff’.

You have decided to turn a new page in your life.

Congratulations !

But how long you are going to stick to it ? But once you realize that the resolutions of yours are too challenging……soon you drop out.Hmm….so easy to reverse the decision !

It is said the less than 5% of the people keep up their resolve.

Just think for a moment .

In 2019 you knew pretty well how dismal you were in achieving these goals set in 2018.

Why do people fail to keep up their resolutions ?

“Many people look forwards to the New Year for a new start on old habits” unknown

Any solution available ?

Yes .Solutions are available,provided you are willing to transform your motivations into habits.

“Motivation is what gets you started.Habit is what keeps you going”. Jim Ryun

Some of my thoughts

1.False Hope Syndrome

Thinking that things are easily done,you set high expectation goals,that are not achievable(unrealistic),due to your overconfidence.

Outcome- Negative results.

“False hopes really makes you cynical” Bill Maher

Solution– Break your goals into small segments and one at a time,that are easily achievable

2.Breaking our old habits

“Bad habits are like a comfortable bed,easy to get into,but hard to get out of” unknown

This needswill power’,which most of us lack.

Solution-Your life to day is the sum of your habits.

It takes 66 days ( Approx 12 weeks ) for a new behavior to become a habit. (European Journal of Social Psychology).It is not a magic number,but it can be a starting point.

Day 1 to day 22 – You are on a mission.Day 22 to 44 – You are nearer to breaking your old habits and your confidence building up.Day 44 to 66– These last 22 days are test for your endurance.

So allow your new habit to continue for more than 66 days then it becomes routine for you.

” All changes is hard at first,misery in the middle and so gorgeous at the end. Robin Sharma

Learn the triggers of your old habits and keep a distance.


“Hard work pays off later.Laziness pays off now. I’ve always been one for being ‘in the moment’ unknown

It’s a fact that new year resolutions, you make are just a way to procrastinate your achievable goals.It’s human instinct to come out with excuses.

Solution-Develop sense of urgency to achieve your goals.Remember the formula ‘Do it now’ and let this go on ringing in your ears.

First of all I don’t understand why you should wait for the New Year to come ? Think Now or never !

4.Lack of motivation

People say nothing is impossible,but I do nothing every day” Winnie the Pooh

May be you are getting it alone.May be you lack enthusiasm,may be you try too hard in the beginning stages and you are in a hurry and get exhausted fast..May be the resolution you made is not to your liking. All these things can demotivate you.

Solution– Set realistic goals by managing your time.Do’t over do it.Try to get support from family and friends.

5.No accountability

“Ninety nine percent of all failures come from people who have a habit of making excuses”. George Washington Carver

Accountability is the key ingredient to any success.Don’t get involved in blame games.Accept it.We all indulge in Blame Games
SolutionIt is much easier to achieve your goal if you can find a partner with similar aim.Or become a part of small group of people or neighbors who aim for achieving the goal.Let your goals be time bound and you be sincere.

Let your goal be your aim and the habits your devotion.

Please share your thoughts.
How much percentage you are successful in completing your 2018 resolutions in 2019 ?

Thank you

Philosophy Through Photography

Image credit-pexels,resplash.

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