Why most of you have a negative attitude towards ‘People Pleasing’?

It’s a 3.4 minute read. Cambridge dictionary says, People pleaser is someone who cares a lot about whether other people like them,and always wants others to approve of their actions. To be frank,that is the one of the ways of getting satisfaction and peace of mind. Read the following famous quotes “If you live for people’s acceptance,you will die from their rejection”. LekRae “People pleasing pleases everyone but the pleaser”.Reshma Saujani, goodreads “I can’t tell you the key to success,but the key to failure is trying to please every one”. Bill Cosby “The only thing wrong with trying to please everyone is that there is always at least one person who will remain unhappy.You. Elizabeth Parker “The art of pleasing is the art of deceiving”. French proverb Such above quotes are abundant,but Don’t you think,there is nothing wrong in being a people’s pleaser ? Is not a fact that all of us are, ‘people’s pleaser’ at one time or other ? Then why have a double standard ? “I have learned that pleasing everyone is too hard,but pissing every one is a piece of cake” 🍰 unknown Why do you want to ‘piss off’ others and increase the number of your enemies ? Why not say ‘ YES’ ? People-pleasing is considered a negative trait and liability. Why can’t you say ‘yes’ and be a people’s pleaser for a change ? If saying ‘yes’ works to your advantage….why not be […]

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Blogger Award goes to…..

Blogger recognition awards

Bloggers Recognition Awards There are 8 questions. You can help me by answering and thus enriching my limited knowledge of blogosphere….because I am a bit confused about these too many awards.( I am too young in the blogging world ). 1.Who creates these awards ? And any criteria ? 2.Do you endorse the blogger recognition awards ? 3.Is it not […]

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‘With no expectations,Love Blossoms’

Can you answer ? ( question series no-42 )

‘With no expectations,Love blossoms’ Don’t you agree that this statement is unrealistic and opposite of the very basic nature of human being ? We all know love can’t be unconditional. Should not the statement be ‘ Love blossoms only if expectations are fulfilled’ !! Love is a ‘verb’.So you have to be all the time saying ‘I love you’ or […]

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Can you run away from yourself ?

Can you run away from your self ?

It’s a 4.9 minute read. Can you run away from yourself ? Of course,you can run away from yourself.Why not ? It’s awful but possible. You are the Ultimate,Your decision is final ! Enjoy your wonderful dreamland ! But the tragedy is,wherever you go you carry your ‘I’ with you. What is that you want to runaway from ? As […]

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