Can you answer ?( Question series no-38 )

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Disclaimer– This question is addressed to mature adults only.

The biggest disaster of 21 st century is porn addiction resulting in unhappy relationships.

Do you agree ?

Thank you.
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28 thoughts on “Can you answer ?( Question series no-38 )

  1. It would be wrong to say that porn industry is the main reason for unhappy relationship in 21st century. If this was true,all relationship in 20th Century would have been happy.

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  2. Thank you my friend Ravisingh for your thoughts ,my point is…has 21 st century reached peak in taking the X Y Z generation to impossible and unnatural expectations because of watching porn,in turn resulting unhappy relationships because of unrealistic situations.

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    1. Its true to some extent but then this XYZ generation is sensible enough to understand these unnatural expectations from Porn industry.

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    1. Thank you Lolsy’s Library.
      If both partners are of similar wave length……then I think there should be no problem at all.
      True what you said.It is similar to other addictions.
      But in extreme situations is this anywhere linked to rape incidences ?Any reasearches ? I don’t know.

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  3. Is the harm done to relationships actually the biggest problem with pornography ? What about the harm it does to the vulnerable women being exploited by it ? I suppose I mean the pornography industry rather than pornography, or maybe there is no difference. Either way isn’t that harm then a bigger disaster than the harm to relationships ?

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