Be careful what you wish for….

Be careful what you wish for

“careful about wanting what others have. There is always a price. Perhaps God didn’t give it to you, because He knew you wouldn’t be able to pay it.” Yasmin Mogahed                        Image credits-DariaShevtsova on Pixels

What does the idiom ‘Be careful what you wish for’ convey ?

It means if you get things that you desire, there may be unforeseen and unpleasant consequences.

It’s a double edged weapon.In other words,everything you choose can have good side and bad side. The wish may not be to your interest.You may have to give up something dear to you ,in order to get your wish fulfilled !

Nothing so good that lasts life long.Change is the way of life.So don’t go on wishing for this ,for that….

What is the basic aspect of Life ?

Do you know that your life is shaped by your thoughts ?

Your Mind, the situations( circumstances)you are in,your response to your circumstances based on your thoughts,and the resulting actions by you…all shape your life.

Desire to be happy is perfectly OK.But you know Life is complicated.At the end ,try to re evaluate your wishes if you are not sure.

When you wish for something, you are not sure about that wish getting fulfilled.That means your negative thoughts are already active and imprinted in your brain.These negative vibrations join other similar vibrations in the universe,becoming stronger(law of attraction) and making it a reality.

OK. What happens if you start wishing ?

Once you start wishing or wanting…. you tend to focus on your ‘future’ you can’t enjoy the ‘present’ which you are owning right now. may get what you wish,but you look forward to another fresh wish,since you can never be satisfied and your life is misery all the time.

2.You may get what you wish,You are exited at this moment but this wish of yours can cause immense trouble over the time,which you are unaware at the time of wishing.

3.Your wish may not be fulfilled and you are utterly dejected.

Realize that the pattern of life is most unpredictable.

Start living in the present.

What is that I am trying to stress ?

‘Never wish for anything.If you deserve it,you’ll receive it.If you don’t,you won’t’ unknown

Thank you.
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