Can you answer ?( Question series no-33)

Unconditional love
Image source pinterest.

How unconditional is unconditional love ?

There are eleven situations as written in the above image.

1.Is it humanly possible to give unconditional love ?

2.Why everybody expects unconditional love ?

Thank you.

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14 thoughts on “Can you answer ?( Question series no-33)

  1. I think we humans love coz it makes us happy..we sacrifice for love to keep the relationship intact coz being close to the ones we love makes US happy…so love can be unconditional not demanding anything from the loved ones but we do it coz of our own happiness

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  2. Unconditional love requires
    a degree selflessness.
    The Christian message of
    dying to self seems to be a key.
    “They talk about a life
    of brotherly love.
    Show me someone
    who knows how to live it.”
    ~ Bob Dylan (Slow Train)

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