Why do you want to be remembered after you die ?

Is there any law of attachment after you die ?

What good it does to anybody if you are remembered after you die ?

Does it serve any purpose to you ?

Don’t feel bad if I tell you the truth.Nobody cares whether you are alive or dead.All are busy in their own world.Nobody has got time to remember you.

Let me be brutally frank here,some of your so called well wishers are glad that you died.

Come on. Can you force somebody to remember you all the time irrespective of the relationship you had ?

Shall I tell what exactly happens the day you die ?

Visitation-All your relatives and friends gather and talk to each other trying to remember the good things you did.

Funeral- Some of your known people may give Eulogy.

Burial service-A sad day for your relatives and friends.

Luncheons- Again people may remember and talk about you.

Memorial services- On this day,definitely you are remembered.

And what about your kith & kin ?

To my knowledge your kith/kin will remember you on your death anniversary at the most.They remember you in flashes now and then,as time passes.

You don’t wish them to be crying all the time. Do you ?

The life has to be back to routine for them,since remembering you at every second is not possible. Life moves on !

Whether you give permission or not…. change is the rule of mother nature and people change.

A third of Americans don’t know the names of any of their grand parents,a survey commissioned by the ‘Family history and consumer genomics’ company.( Source -Newyork posts & Babble)

Human memory is poor and short.

How else you wish to be remembered ?

I can only say that you may be remembered for the legacy you leave.

If at all you are remembered,it’s only because the memories bring happiness or sadness or anger.

Best way to leave a legacy is to donate your organs for the needy if you are sure you died healthy.

May I have the liberty to advice you ?

My advice to you….Try to live the moment every day,as if you are going to die next minute,instead of expecting/experimenting to be remembered after you die.

Please share your thoughts.

Thank you.
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