Bald shaming



There is one thing about Baldness: it’s neat.

Baldness in men is a source of emotional disturbance.

Hair loss hits ones self confidence and self esteem,causing a psychological damage,even depression.

Being bald can be intimidating .

Men with baldness forget that they are not leading their lives for others sake.

Society is never kind to anybody. It body shames you not just with baldness.It includes,your color,height,weight,bums and boobs etc.etc.

Story lines in Indian movies are famous in signifying baldness as terminal illness,character roles( family elders ),family deaths,villainy roles etc making things worse for those balding.

Yes.Men feel ‘ Shame’ because of name calling,jokes and funny expressions.

Traumatized by this shame,men prefer to have wigs,transplants,and medicines spending fortunes with all the possible complications.

Does baldness mean ugliness ?

Why can’t society realize that hair on the head is more decorative, whichever way you want you can keep it,bald,short or long.

Society is childish and it pressurizes people to depend on someone else’s whims and fancies.

As you realize you are balding,best thing is to embrace it rather than fighting.

Remember all great men like actor Dwayne ‘the Rock Johnson’,Jason Statham,Jeff Bezos,Steve Jobs,Mahatma Gandhi,Mike Tyson,Andre Agassi,Vin Diesel, all have one thing common…they are all bald.

Let the bald headed men become bold headed men.

Long on hair,short on brains.      French Proverb

Remember bald is beautiful.

Bald is better.

Advantages of being bald,as told by an intelligent wife.

  1. He does not use my shampoo.
  2. My brush is where I leave it.
  3. Easy spot in a crowd.
  4. Saves money on haircut.
  5. Will never have grey hair.
  6. Sincere to me since no where else he can go.

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Thank you

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