International Day of Radiology Nov 8


The International Day of Radiology (IDOR) is an annual celebration held on the anniversary of the date of discovery of x-rays by Wilhelm Roentgen, i.e. November 8th 1895. The eighth annual celebration will be held on November 8th 2019, with the theme of sports imaging ( source-Radiopaedia )

Role of radiology has become central to the diagnosis,treatment and recovery from sports related injuries.

Sports Medicine Imaging is the branch of radiology which caters for the musculo skeletal imaging needs for athletes of all shapes and sizes,ranging from the Olympic competitor,national footballer,serious marathon runner,recreational jogger and people who simply wish to improve their general fitness.(

Wishing ‘ Happy International Day Of Radiology’ to all the people who are all part of Radiology Department in the world helping in improving quality of the life of patients.

Thank you
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