Can you answer this ? (Question series No-29 )

Is it soooo difficult to prove ones love ??

It takes three seconds to say I love you. Three hours to explain it and a lifetime to prove it.         Anonymous

Do you agree ?

Thank you


  1. Good question. I was actually thinking of this topic yesterday and will be writing a post on this soon. Now to your question, ‘I love you’, these magical 3 words was reserved for that one special person who is your life partner or with whom you are in a steady relationship with. But nowadays this term is used as a freebie and said to one and all. I find it very weird as these are powerful 3 words and has a strong meaning. People are losing the meaning of these beautiful words and it isn’t meant to be told to one and all in my opinion. That is why they are termed as magical words and not any other words.

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  2. If one is a loving individual, they would spend their time proving it rather than explaining as love is more potent when expressed through actions than words. If one is not so loving, then yeah, it’ll be difficult as hell for them.

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