Why we all lie ?

Why we all lie ?

“There is no one who ruined himself by speaking the truth.There is no one who lived well by speaking lies “

Everybody lies and you and I know this.

Lie & Life go together

We lie because we belong to human trait having a ‘Lie gene’,starts from the school days,where the innocence of the child is lost, one way parents also responsible.

We lie because we know it is easier,simpler,convenient,as compared to reality.

All of us are dishonest yet think that we are perfect !

We even claim that none is hurt by the lies…. described as a white lie,where in we lie to please the deceived.This type of lie we all indulge commonly so that the other person is not hurt.Here the idea is to minimize the harm or embarrassment.

Where as ‘Black lie’, is an anti social behavior,where in the lair gains personal benefits at the cost of the deceived.

My discussion is limited to white lies.

In spite of knowing that we are lying many times a day,strangely we feel great that we are truthful.

Why do we lie ?

Simple.We lie Because we can !

Some of the reasons that come to my mind are

  1. Temporary advantage.
  2. To save a relationship.
  3. Fear of Judgement.
  4. To please.
  5. Boastfulness
  6. Influencing.
  7. To avoid punishment.
  8. Just don’t care.
  9. To avoid hurt feeling
  10. To manipulate.
  11. Comforting lies.
  12. Certain things we can’t share.

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Honestly speaking……

Thank you.

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  1. November 5, 2019 at 1:07 pm

    I have actually never considered something to be a “black lie” before.

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