Body shame

Body shame
We are our own worst critic

The free dictionary defines Body Shame as

” The act of criticizing, ridiculing, or otherwise making someone feel ashamed about  (some aspect of ) their physical appearance, especially their weight “.

Simply put, shaming somebody, is based on the size, shape and appearance of the body.

Individuals can be fat, thin, tall or short. Body colour can be black, brown, or white. These are not deficiencies but God’s way of creation. Describing a person ugly by appearance only tells about your low esteem.

Size Zero

Size zero refers to having a bust size of 31 inches, waist of 23 inches and hip size of 32 inches.

Celebrities too are responsible for promoting the size zero concept, such that many young girls are falling prey to the medical disease called Anorexia Nervosa.

How body-shaming can happen?

Body shaming is said to evolve in three ways.

  1. Criticizing one’s appearance through a judgement or comparison.
  2. Criticizing another person in front of them.
  3. Criticizing another person’s appearance without their knowledge.

( Source-Body shaming-what is it & why do we do it )

It can start from bullying in schools with nicknames, jokes and even unsolicited advice. Body shaming is a hidden villain in our society.

Some common examples:

  • You have such a pretty face, if only you would just lose some weight.
  • As you enter the store, the salesperson telling on the face ‘we don’t keep stock of Plus Sizes here’ Uh-huh …
  • Are you having some health issues?
  • Friendly tips are being given to improving body posture, skin tone, hairstyle or clothes being worn.
  • Boys don’t want fat girls, a mom advising her daughter.
  • You are so skinny, not fit for joyful sex.
  • Oh see this Baldy and observe his funny looks
  • My God… is it pimples on her face or face on her pimples!
  • OMG ! Look at her, bigger assets are so tempting!
  • I am going to divorce you because of your body appearance!

The list can go on……

Why we are all judgmental?

Why most of us are instantly tempted to comment on someone else’s body?

The whole problem starts because most of us are programmed to judge others by their physical appearances, and the worst human habit is ‘Comparison’ and having one’s own ‘Bench marks’

Can’t we develop the habit of looking at everyone as Beautiful, since all of us are created by God?

Body shame

Image source- Ariel Winter (Ariel Winter Quotes) Nicole Shazegar

What body shaming can do?

It ruins people’s lives. It makes one hate one’s own body. Self confidence at its worst. Many go into mental depression, anxiety disorders, stop eating, and even suicidal tendencies.

Have not you heard the idiom’ one man’s food is another man’s poison ‘……this tells that what you see as full of flaws may be someone else’s beauty.

Image credits-Pinterest

Is body shaming a sort of sexism ? I don’t know.


Ananamika is blogging

Readers can enlighten me further.

Thank you.
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Image by pixel1 from Pixabay

5 thoughts on “Body shame

  1. Oh wow. This is a need of the hour post. When so many people are the victims of being body shamed for the way they look. As long as one is healthy why bother one comes in one size plus or one size minus.
    Good reading and good thoughts put in here Sri.
    Keep up the good work

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