Beautiful Truths of life

1.You are really beautiful.

2.When you are born you are crying but you bring smiles on face of your parents.But when you are dead ,everyone crying and you know nothing.

3.Men chase women.Sex is beautiful.

4.You are unique.

5.You can see.Its the most beautiful thing in this world.

6.A good morning wishes what you get is precious.All don’t have that.

7.You have to fight your own battle,but at the end you are successful with sincere efforts.

8.You are not the only one having the problems.That is the beauty.

9.You are here because of your mother.

10. Money is the root cause of all your problems.

11.School life ,the best part ever in your life passes in the blink of an eye,but you always cherish those moments.

12.Everything is temporary and nothing is permanent.

13. Sex is always an interesting topic for all.Age is immaterial.

14. The richest man today can become poorest in no time.So don’t waste time and energy  in minting money.

15. You can’t escape law of ‘Karma’

Thank you.

Philosophy Through Photography

image credits-Resplash

  2 comments for “Beautiful Truths of life

  1. November 2, 2019 at 4:39 pm

    when is a person deliberated of his dueties, while he has nothing to hide or to prove? Do you ever feel free in this life? I have still difficulty to think clearly without all my tasks and obligations

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