Can you answer this ? (Question series No-27 )

I shall give you three questions about happiness.Can you figure it out which is the true answer ?

1.Happiness is a choice.

2.Happiness is an illusion

3.Happiness can be a habit just like other habits.

Thank you
Philosophy Through Photography

credits-Furudo (Lorenzo Ferrara )


  1. Wow.. Interesting question indeed.. To the much ‘weird me’., it kept on changing till now..
    Initially., happiness, in my childhood, was ‘a habit’,.
    Then, the next phase of my life brought happiness to me, as a total ‘illusion’,.
    ..and then the much matured phase brought happiness as ‘a choice’.. Now I choose to be happy or sad.. I’ve found out, finally, it’s completely on me, how I choose to keep my mind going on, in this world..
    Loved your post, which brought out a new perspective of happiness, out of me, which I never ever got to think like this.. Thank you so so much.. 😇😇


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