Three Wishes.

An atheist buys an ancient lamp at an auction,takes it home and begins to polish.

Suddenly a genie appears and says,” I’ll grant you three wishes master.”

The atheist says ” I wish I could believe in you. ”

The genie snaps his finger,and suddenly the atheist believes in him

The atheist says” Wow I wish all atheists believe this.”

The genie snaps his finger again ,and atheists all over the world begin to believe in genies.

“What about your third wish ?” asks the genie.

“well” says the atheist,” I wish for a billion dollars.”

The genie snaps his finger for a third time ,but nothing happens.

” What is wrong ” asks the atheist.

The genie shrugs and says,” Just because you believe in me,does not mean that I exist.”

Thanking you
Philosophy Through Photography



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