Actually The Sun Never Rises

Thank you Sharmaji,for this thought provoking post.
Chidananda Roopah,shivoham shivoham.

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If You Believe That Sun Rises In The East & Sets In The West Then You are Absolutely Wrong. Sun Never Rises,It Never Sets Either. It’s always There. Only Earth Revolves & Rotates. The Sun Never Rised From Billions Of Years. The Problem Here Is That You Know It For Generations, Still You Say This. It’s Not Laughable Act Of Foolishness, It’s an Deliberate Act Of Collective Consciousness.

Do You Think That Earth Revolves around The Sun ? Sorry But You are Wrong. Earth Actually Revolves around The Center Of The Mass Inside The Sun & Sun Also Revolves Around This Center Of Mass.

There Are Millions Of Examples Can Be Found Everywhere. We as Humans Are Very Fond Of Fantasizing Everything. We Are Never Convinced & Satisfied With Our Realities. That’s Why We Never Ever Feel Happiness & Satisfaction. We Always Give Larger Than Life Meaning To Things.


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