Only Read This If You are Insecure




Very Interesting thoughts.Very helpful for those who suffer silently from emotional dependence.Thank you Vitak Cheav


There is only one you in the world. What if being yourself is enough? ― Sunim

xfinite_humanity_only read this if you are insecure

Do you hate me?

Stop asking that question. Why do you need someone else to love you in order for you to feel complete? Why can’t you complete yourself? Why do you drag people into your head and let them validate you for free?

Is it your childhood?

You blame your childhood for this. You please strangers and push your friends away. You work so hard to get approval from everyone. You date someone who understands you because your parents don’t. You buy luxurious things that the younger you could never afford. You feel the need to compensate for being mistreated and misunderstood in the past.

You still can’t fill the hollow inside.

The world moves on. Trying to be like someone else won’t make you good enough. You are going to die one…

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