Slaves of the Net Get a Life!

Is this the New Generation everybody can be proud of ??
Thank you Dan Assuied, for the enlightenment


This is what I see every day, everywhere, in every country I visit, in every places, coffee shops, restaurants, even cinemas!

People look like that. Zombies. Where are the human beings? Where?

People today, ex humans who became heartless zombies glued to their own electronic slavery.

Monsters everywhere, brainwashed. Eyes glued on the screen, hands only used to type. Zombies I am telling you!

I am born before all that shit. I had a normal childhood, we were playing in the streets yes playing with children not with an electronic shit!

Later as a teenager, when I was interested in a girl, I was telling her face to face! I wasn’t not telling her through a horrible screen, and maybe her photo on the screen is so photoshopped that you can only be disappointed in reality…

Men, wake up, you are all getting brainwashed! We were reading books! Real books…

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