Sharing the feelings

Is Sharing feelings to a known friend ( offline ) or unknown friend ( online ) a healthy idea ?

Can you help me coming to a conclusion ?

Thank you

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  1. Pretty much agree with David Redpath. It does depend upon the person. I’ll make a couple other distinctions also.

    First is to use a little caution and common sense with online folks. Aside from the obvious potential safety reasons, the reality is that most people view internet friendships far less seriously than “real” (world) ones. They can quickly ghost you if you offend or over-burden them.

    Second is don’t let venting become a substitute for coping and dealing with problems. If you find yourself getting into a victim mentality or dependent upon said friend to cope, you’re over-burdening and not dealing with your problems yourself.

    Long story short, it’s a balancing act. Friends are supposed to be there to help you, but not to carry you. 🙂

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  2. We live in the world where things are fast pace and unpredictable… some times we need to connect and share our feelings to people who don’t judge us and accepts u as you are. Sometimes an intense emotional feeling is better convey to an unknown friend than to a known frd…. And Trust is the basic relationship for known or unknown .it’s a foundation which the building is built.

    Thanks for sharing .God bless you abundantly !!!!

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