Can you answer this ? ( Questions series No-17)

How to say I Love You without saying I love you ?

Thank you

Philosophy Through Photography


  1. Even though some communication can be done without words…Don’t you think unspoken words remain always a mystery?
    Words not told at the right time is words lost forever.
    Eyes speak volume they say… But even if eyes says it’s language, communication is necessary to express the feeling and that is possible with only words I feel. After all that’s where we differ from the other creations of the Almighty ain’t it ?
    Totally my view… probably I love words a tad bit more than necessary….😄

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  2. A gentle touch in passing, a hand reaching out to hold yours when you are on a sidewalk or crossing the road, a person who comes to bed after you are asleep and makes sure you are tucked in, or a person who gets up early and makes coffee for the two of you. This sort of thing really speaks miles of love without a word.

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  3. I personally, have experienced this, where when you love someone, giving a gentle smile of affection and touching their hand goes further than anything, or just laying your head on them, but then I lead my life through the teacher of love, so it’s easy for me to show love and accept love, it hasn’t always been, and I have had so far, too many bad experiences where saying the words I love you, leads to a relationship eventually ending. So my take is that if you think about love as something simple, and in your everyday, then saying I love you without *saying* it, it’s easy to do with body language.

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    • I’m the same way. My husband always say, actions speak louder than words. I always say, a little goes a long way. Simple things such as the examples you’ve given mean more than what you say and how you say. I’m all about what’s given and how it’s given. In my marriage, my husband’s way of loving me is doing something like giving me a love tap on the cheek after a make crude joke then he’ll grab the back of my neck and kiss me. It may seem a little extreme, but that’s what we call fierce love. My way of loving him is having our home cleaned, food cooked, myself looking noticeable (if you catch my meaning) and our girls calm. Of course, with them being under the age of 3, it’s a little difficult. 😁😁

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  4. Love is felt when it is expressed in action, love your neighbour as yourself. Love is what the world needs. To know love, we have to be love, to one another. Then all things will come together and all things known.

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