Can you answer this ? ( Questions series No-16 )

Love or Friendship which triumphs ultimately ?

Thank you
Philosophy Through Photography

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26 thoughts on “Can you answer this ? ( Questions series No-16 )

  1. Both have their roles to play Sri…
    Love has it’s specialty and friendship has its own.
    But at the end of the day Friendship win over cause any relationship needs friendship base to grow and survive especially Love based relationship. At the end of the day you need someone close to whom you can bare it all… Who else understands better than your close friend. Now if this close friend is also the love of your life then it’s the best thing to happen.
    But truly said how many are blessed this way? I wonder….🤔

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        1. Yes.
          Even I was thinking that it is impossible to get a friend of similar wave length.
          But I was proved wrong.
          Getting a close friend ,who happens to be love of one’s life ….is also possible and this person is most luckiest and blessed one.As you said possible but very rare.

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  2. Sridhar ,
    Love or Friendship….
    Very hard to answer this .
    Friendship is very beautiful realtion exists in this Earth .Now how many of them has true frds in today’s world. True friendship is like a treasure , very tough to find one and doesn’t necessary should have daily conversation or being together,as long as both if them has good understanding about each other . A person can survive with out lover but not with out friends . And if you are lucky friendship can grow in to love ,but do you think can your lover be your best frd? It’s bit confusing state. Anyway both are precious realtions where both are equally mad .

    Thanks . Good post ,but was very hard to define both.

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    1. Oye Mermaid.
      Let me thank you first because you solved my problem.
      I was Awestruck with your detailed analysis and I am yet to close my mouth !
      Yes, always one gets confused when one has to answer which comes first,whether friendship or Love.Each is unique in its own way !
      So well you said that a person can survive without love but becomes zero without friendship.Yes friendship can grow into the romantic sphere but again as you said it does not end happily ,because love always demands certain things.There in no such thing called unconditional love.
      So better to be friends rather than Lovers.


  3. Hi,
    All of your posts have been thoughtful and interesting but I wonder why the posts do not contain your own photographs and not pexels or pixaby be it your blog title is

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    1. Thank You Margaret.
      Appreciate and I am thankful to you ,but for your continuous support my journey would not have advanced.
      I am trying my level best to get some of my own photographs( My posts photographs are mixed with mine and pixabay and I am sure you would have noticed ),but as you know most of us find limited time in photography,since we are not professionals photographers,and I am an amateur photographer,this is where pixabay is helpful.


  4. depends on the numbers, the more you love the less friends you have, and vice versa?
    ideal number is one, but then both triumph because you are out of options.

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    1. Yes Savitha ,agree.
      Love is really tough to sustain as compared to friendship.
      Even if one is sincere in love,the other person may take it for granted and act smart rather than reciprocating the love.
      Friendship is a kind of give and take policy and mutually beneficial.


      1. I dont think love is conditional. I think we were taught to love conditionally. But to become a true friend you have to love that person/people. So love is essential for any and every relationship.

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