Why online friendship can fail ?

Why online freindship can fail ?
“life is a balance of holding and letting go”   Rumi

It is a common phenomenon that we are making friendship with online buddies and some of the friendships can truly turn out to be the best example of the Wonderful relationship lasting for ages.

It is said true friendship even outlast Romantic relationships.

Friendship can continue to the next level  only when the friends honestly share their lives with each other,trust each other 100%, and can overcome the initial hesitations & suspicions,share their feelings both during happy or a depressing situations even forgive one another for any misunderstanding if at all any such thing  arises and be supportive all the time.

And we are also aware that majority are not going to be honest for various reasons.Many times one is not sure how much personal information can be shared.

And we also know  that online friendship with unknown friends is as good as entering a dangerous territory.

But still some venture into this territory and become the Besties.

Then one gets doubt whether online friendship can sustain or fail …..

And are there any reasons one  prefers to log out ?

I know,  one can give hundreds of reasons,but my one and the only reason being one of the parties or both parties not making enough efforts to sustain the friendship ( As Rumi’s quote above says ),a kind of give & take.

You can check the link for more information.

How Long Online Friendship Lasts ?

Dear friends what are your thoughts on this subject ?

Did you any time experience failed online friendship and for what reason ? can you share ?

Thank you

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2 thoughts on “Why online friendship can fail ?

  1. I had a friend with another online friend. We would both stay up with this other person while they’d complain about their life. About their various sickness, never had a conversation with her about either of us. As soon as we’d log on “Sissy, I need to talk to you” and then hours later.
    Then one day she discovered this medicine that made her feel better and for about a week, she kept expecting it not work. I kid you not though, she just stopped talking to us after that week and never heard from her again. We’re all “friends”on all these social media types. The two of us that talked to this other girl are still friends, but none of us ever hear from the other one. It annoys me know that she’d call us “sissy” when she clearly was using us.

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    1. Thank you Lolsy’s Library.
      A wonderful way you put about these online friends and the experience you had.Some times one is lost as to what is happening and why things are like this ! A kind of use and throw category.
      Thanks again for sharing your experience.

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