Lifes Way of solving problems

Life is very complicated.

Don’t try to find Answers.

Because when you find answers,

Life changes the Questions.

Thank you

Philosophy Through Photography



  1. Sridhar,
    It is not complicated,we are the ones who complicate it.Everyday we face different challenges ,barriers and now it is totally depend on us how we r going to make it in simple way . So let’s solve some questions in our own way and try to move forward.
    Good post . Keep blogging . God bless.

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    • Thank you Mermaid You have beautifully put it .
      Yes,we are the ones to make hell of our limited life on the Earth for no valid reason!
      One may be leading a simple life but others make this one’s life complicated .Probably it is time one visits…. lessons on SOULMATE,and how to make life joyful.Thank you for stopping by Appreciate.


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