Can you answer this ? ( Questions series No-14 )

Is it possible in one’s life to find a ‘Soulmate’ ?

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19 thoughts on “Can you answer this ? ( Questions series No-14 )

  1. Yes it’s possible… Definitely once in your life time you meet your soul mate. Technically one can have more than one too.
    “‘ Someday, someone will walk into your life and make
    you realize, why it never worked out with anyone else”
    And you know your soul has responded to the awakening of their soul’s call…

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  2. Tesla is working on a soulmate finder, and Google on a soulmate AR layer. Amazon promises to deliver your soulmate using a drone if you buy Amazon Soulprime membership, so yeah it might be possible in the near future.
    For now, all you have to do is convince yourself and settle for the best you can manage.

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    1. Thank you Pankanzy.
      And it’s next to impossibility to raise the conscious beyond certain point And so getting a Soulmate is just a dream !
      Then why to bring this term, time and again into the existence when this can’t be achieved.and we see many blog posts on this subject,telling that it is possible.

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      1. People Who See Compatibility Of Physical & Emotional Needs & Their Fulfilment Often Coins These Terms. Infact I Think Two Persons With Different Ways Of Being Are Great Partners Than People Who Can Understand Each Others Feelings.


  3. No. I don’t think so the term soul mates exist. Soul mates is a person who thinks like you, understands you, shares your same views on everything and who will love you unconditionally and many more qualities. No person can be like this. Everyone is different from us. Even people who are 50% like us is rare!

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    1. So no chance at all in this life ??
      But why every body always looking for a soulmate ?
      I thought sometimes mirror soulmate is a possibility,which famously they named it as TWIN FLAMES !
      Thank you Savitha for your observation,a great help indeed in analysing the mystery behind the Soulmate .

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