Can you answer this ? ( Question series- No 13)

Quicksand,Fall in love

Why is it called “quick sand” if you sink slowly in it?

Thank you

Philosophy Through Photography

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  1. Sridharji ,
    Some relationships are like quick sand ,the deeper u get in to it the slower it’s sucks you in to it without even u know it. Keep blogging .

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    • Thank you so much Mermaid.
      Fantastic analogy !
      Yes . Relationship should be built on Rock Solid rather than Quick Sand.
      It’s one’s bad luck that one gets suck into the quicksand in relationship matters,but I feel well wishers encouragement, understanding,cooperation,
      and help and constant support should make one over come the crisis.And time is the greatest healer and one can slowly start looking better days ahead and come out of the cocoon.Thank you for your encouraging words.God Bless you.


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