tired ?

There are two types of “tired”,I suppose.One is a dire need of Sleep,the other is dire need of Peace

One is ‘physical tiredness’ & and the other is ‘mental tiredness’.

If it is ‘Physical tiredness’ …easy to recover.Just take good rest.

But if the tiredness is because of Mental stress,how are you going to recover ?

Can you give mental peace a chance ? Is it possible ?

It’s easier said than done.

But time is the greatest healer.That is what they say.

Are we not  just finding an escape route just by uttering this ??

There is one phrase which is amazing in sense,one can use it in ‘bad times’ and it makes one happy and the same phrase if used in ‘good times’ it makes one sad.

“This time (moment/situation) will also go away”

Philosophy Through Photography

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9 thoughts on “Tired

  1. Everyone has stress. It is a normal part of life, but ask yourself, “What really needs to be done?”
    Take one thing at a time, exercise, share your feelings, get help!!

    And LAUGH!!!!!!!! Stress relief from laughter!!

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  2. I am the second one , I need inner peace . It is quite difficult for me this time to achieve it. But usually I heal myself very fastly by healing and talking and motivating my soul. It takes some time, it wants silence and it works quite fast.
    And yes your line is best to start with for inner peace.🌼🌼🌼

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  3. Our brains and souls need silence at times. Studies have also shown that time in nature regenerates the brain. A three-day hike is optimal. If you can’t do that, spend at least a couple of hours away from screens and chatting people while you take a short hike to a waterfall or work in a garden. While there, give a prayer of thanks.

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  4. A good friend soothes any stress for that matter. So have a good friendship to rely upon. And as Effi suggested a good heartfelt laugh takes care of the rest of the stress…
    And some ‘ Me Time’ to analyze what went wrong and when and where also helps. It doesn’t help to get back what you miss but it will definitely help you from deteriorating further and from doing the same stuff which gave you the mental tiredness. Take a good walk with only music for company…you will be much relaxed on the way back.
    My personal stress buster…is just to shut my eyes and sleep it off. I feel much better when I wake up.
    So Sri…I hope you got all your answers from all the expertised 😉.
    Now as a Medical Practitioner what do you suggest ? Please enrich our mind….😊

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    1. Nothing more I can add other than what you & other experts have mentioned.

      You mentioned a valid point,one can sit and analyze what went wrong and coming out with a strong mind sustained by the will power to survive all odds.

      Getting a true friend is the most difficult task.
      Even if some body is there as a good friend,soothing friends are rare entity as each one is busy in their own way.

      Agree with you that true friendship in true sense is all together a different class and a soothing talk,from the bottom of the heart further reduces stress.
      And when one laughs away to all the sad happenings,still better.
      More than relatives,True friend can play a better and bigger role in bringing down the intensity of stress.
      If one has a pet,surely the stress level can be brought down.
      Even some suggest exercises and avoiding the constant thought haunting by changing the location or surroundings.
      Deep breathing exercises definitely helps whenever one is stressed out.
      Best thing is to avoid social media with all depressing scenario.
      Everybody agrees that listening to the music or attending a music festival makes you forget every thing,
      Massage therapy is beneficial.It calms down the agitated mind.
      Never indulge in over eating or taking stimulants.
      Avoid doing all jobs in one go.
      Finally either you sing or listen to your favorite prayers.
      I don’t advice medicines as stress buster.
      Thank you Ana

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