Love is not complicated, people are

These days…relationship means…                                                                                                 Any where without you is better than any where with you

How individual lives are changing ,relationships are thrown into the dust bin,people forgetting the meaning and value & sacredness of ‘LOVE’,

Thanks to addiction to social media & smart phones !

Relationships are harder now!

“Conversations became texting,

Arguments became phone calls,

Feelings became subliminal messages,

Sex became easy,

The word ‘love’ is used out of context.,

Insecurities became a way of thinking,

Getting jealous became a habit,

Trust is hard to come by,

Being hurt became natural.

Leaving became the only option,

Sad but true,

So if you have something…that is worth it,..don’t take it for granted,

Fight for it,don’t let it go”       pinterest


Be selfish,thanks to the inventions. indulge in your likings,Drink till you drop dead,fight without any reason,Ego is your life,jealousy is your partner, Greedy is your nature,Killing innocents is your taste,care not anybody,you owe the happiness you deserve,forget about dieting & exercises which are all money-making machines,,cheating is your mantra,money is everything and enjoy dying your own death,you owe nothing to anybody!

Is this the lesson modern-day life style teaching us ? Is this the meaning of advancement in human life ? Is this what all about relationships ?

And what about ethics,values,respect,responsibilities ,family relationship ?

Please share your thoughts.

Thank you.

Philosophy Through Photography

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15 thoughts on “Love is not complicated, people are

  1. Love is embrace on a cold day; it’s expecting little while giving much. Love is practicing tolerance one million times and aceing it a 100 times. Love itself is perfection, hence why imperfect beings like us can’t grasp its potency & depth.

    Have a nice week!!!

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  2. The image you draw here is so dark… Human beings are still having healthy relations… Yes internet made some sick relations and habits.. But this is not general..
    Try to be more optimistic… All we need is more experience to deal with the internet world in order not to fall in the sea of melancholy..

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    1. Thank you Sohair.Appreciate taking your time for your thoughts.My discussion is limited to the side effects of addiction of modern gadgets and social media.I never said all are bad.As we know bad can’t exist without there being good.Yes there are many good people and I need not stress the good side of gadgets and social media. Peace be upon all of us.

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  3. I still feel it’s one’s choice which matters. There has always been good and bad to choose from. It’s just that the influences and impact of Social media is high nowadays. Love’s definition is still the same but its just the approach to it has taken different dimensions. There are still people who knows the meaning of a valuable relationship….and as long as people value anything there is still hope I feel.

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  4. Superb! Brilliant and an eye opening msg! I fully agree with you!Social media and smart phone is playing havoc in all walks of life! Relationship has already lost its meaning.
    I am not against social media or smart phone but what is needed is a dicipline and balance in its use!

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  5. I wrote this last year and thought it would fit here:
    What is the meaning of life? What is the purpose of our spending years on this planet Earth? A friend recently challenged me to put my own beliefs in writing. Though I waved it off for a few days, the idea would not leave me alone.
    Victor Hugo once said, “The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved.”
    The meaning of life is…love.
    The infant searches for a caring face and cries to be held. The child looks to his parents to discover who he is and how to relate to the world. Teenagers reach out, hungry for romantic love. Newlyweds build a home for children and parents nurture young ones. The elderly cling to family and look back on loves won or lost.
    Every person alive aches for loving relationships. We were created with this powerful desire implanted deep within our souls. No matter our age, no matter our location on the planet earth, this desire compels us to pursue love. When relationships are damaged or lost, pain always ensues. Yet it is inevitable. No one is perfect – no, not one. We were created with the powerful desire implanted deep within our souls – to be in a loving relationship – with our creator, our God. We search for His caring face and cry to be held in His loving embrace, whether we realize it or not.
    Jesus summed up the meaning of life this way: “ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ ”

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  6. Anyone who has experienced what you are talking about here will agree totally with you and indeed there are many who have. And even of those who haven’t, many are on their way to. We need to take off time to look at where our relationships are and start acting before we are completely carried off our feet. I go with you.

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