Body Language

Body Language
Body language is more powerful than words       ‘Ricky Gervais’

According to Wikidpedia,

” the Conscious & Unconscious movements & postures by which attitudes & feelings are communicated”

Physical behavior includes, Facial expression,Gesture,Eye movements,Touch,Use of space.

In the above photo , the 6 ladies out of 7,seen to be resting their hand on their cheeks (more precisely 4 using the Left Hand, and 2 using the Right Hand,the 7 th one I am not sure)

What do you think ….their body language telling us?

What are your thoughts ?

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Thank you

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10 thoughts on “Body Language

  1. In studies Body Language comes under Non – Verbal Communication.
    And they say it takes 93% body language and 7% Verbal Communication to have an effective communication.
    Sometimes words aren’t just enough to convey what we want to … effectively isn’t it?

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