Can you answer this ? ( question series- no 11)

Why married men fall in love with other woman ? whether the woman is single or married.

Thank you

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    1. True and it is very difficult to differentiate between love and lust.
      Many men claim that they miss the love part in their married life ,hence trying to find from other woman!
      Thank you David Redpath.Appreciate your help in trying to solve this mystery .

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  1. Bcz they do not get it in their woman. If this was not true,prostitution would not have been flourishing.In some cases,it is bcz of perverted mind also!
    But, now can you answer my question?
    Why unmarried girl marries a married person?

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  2. Thanks Ravi Singh.
    There can be different reasons for unmarried girl marrying a married man.Some I could think are…….
    Circumstances in the Family,financial situations involved, sometimes even forced marriage,rarely the girl being greedy of the man’s moneyđź’° etcetera.
    Please let me know any thoughts come to your mind.
    Thanks again.

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      1. No way there is no guarantee at all. Sometimes it might turn out to be the worst decision than the first one.
        The mirage Infact never disappears. The one who could find fault with his wife will find fault with the lover too.
        Let me offer you a simple solution:
        Remain single for life…no commitment…no confusion.
        Life long be happy.

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        1. Ana,are you sure what you are expressing ??
          Remaining single is a good decision depending on individual experience.But why you feel you may not find good and understanding friendly soul as one moves on with life ??Still it is possible no ?


          1. Am I sure about what Sri? If it’s about the solution I gave you then don’t you think, it’s much better to be like that. Any one who values their freedom would agree with me.
            Nalla Mattukku oru soodu podhum Sri.


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