The gift Of Friendship

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Don’t you agree with me that True friendship is difficult since finding a true friend is the hardest.

” A friend is some one who understands your past,believe in your future….accepts you to-day the way you are “. Unknown

We may not realize the value of friendship until the time it is given when it is badly needed,so we have to cultivate and cherish the friendship .

Make aware to your friends how much they mean to you and how well they contribute to your happiness from your routine boring life.

Don’t ask me how to pick up a true friend or how to know,that the other person can be a good and even a true friend.

This is a difficult subject and can be discussed on another day.

The following quote is my feeling ,whenever one interacts with one’s true friends.

Friendship is a treasured gift,and every time I talk with you I feel as if I’m getting richer and richer “. Unknown

Friends can even become Besties.

True friendship is ‘Magical’ !!

“Friendship is not about whom you have known the longest,it’s about who walked into your life and said “I’m here for you” and proved it.  Unknown

The true friend helps me being a counselor in times of distress ,

Can be my confidant when the situation demands,most importantly gives all the strength I need when I am the weakest at some point of time of my life.

Now you will ask me…What is the secret of sustaining this friendship ??

Certain things come to my mind,which can further the bond.

1. Be frank.Accept the drawbacks or short fall either of you may possess.
No body is perfect in this world and everybody has some story to tell and as a true friend you are willing to listen.Provide the much-needed leaning shoulder.Respect the individuality.Even if situation demands call spade a spade and explain the realities.Never thrust your opinions.When you tell the truth let the other person accept this rather than doubting and vice versa.

2. Develop the principle of ‘forget and forgive’ since we know we are never free of committing the mistakes and it’s human to do mistakes.

3.Try to recollect the fun moments or joyous moments you both had while spending time together or enjoying the jokes during your chat times.

4.Share the happiness together.

The happiness ,one can feel only when one is able to share with the other.

Remember you can never enjoy happiness all alone.

Thank you my friends for patiently reading.

Now please share your personal experience on ‘Gift of Friendship’ be on-line or off-line.

Thank you

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37 thoughts on “The gift Of Friendship

  1. Friends are really treasure of our life .This is the beautiful relation n this earth, but also its very hard to find one who can be your bestie forever .Even if you find one ,sometimes it takes time for opposite person to love us as we love them ..thats my personal experience .!! Good post .Keep writing !!

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    1. Thank you Tuudas ji.
      To get an understanding friend is a long story provided both friends are ready to maintain the FRIENDSHIP at any cost and let both of them be be not in tearing hurry.Over the time, which may take a few months to even years. ..let the be patient

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  2. Thank God for Friendship…
    Did you know…it’s not lack of love nor the indifferences but it’s the lack of friendship that makes unhappy relationships.
    So long live Friendship.
    A ship called Friend which sails you across the deepest Ocean in the darkest hour is true Friendship

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        1. Yes.All are not lucky and fortunate.What else one can do ?? As you expressed in some other post comment one can better remain single but strong willed person with good support and understanding from the immediate family members.Good friends are handy!!

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          1. See …. You are agreeing with me too. Those who are not lucky and not fortunate can try a hand at this. Being independent and bold. Yes you are right. Good support from the near and dear are a big bonus. But those who have seen your pain will be with you in every decision of yours. Won’t they? Life doesn’t come with a guarantee Sri…. neither it’s a fairy tale. Ask me I can tell you…

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  3. Hi Sri,
    On this international friendship day I would like to de log your article on my site if that is o.k.
    I would like to add a mention about my friend Joan who I have previously done a blog post about. Joan is currently in hospital.
    If ok could you please advise me how to reblog to my site.

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  4. Yes Sri,
    I have visited her twice and her spirits are good. Joan is 89years old with a determined, positive outlook. I will be seeing her again on Friday.
    I am just going to reblog my post about our friendship & will later revisit this post to reblog.

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  5. Not sure Sri if word press technical hitches but have pressed reblog button & no link appeared to my blog to add comment & your post not shown up on my blog. Perhaps word press is asleep!

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      1. Thank you, didn’t know word press contacted original blog poster. Just been looking at previous comments & looks like I may have already reblogged your post previously. Will take a peek at my previous blog posts 🙂


          1. Or if I click on edit at bottom do you know if this option will allow this as I seem to remember doing this once before & losing the post. I also thought my £89 premium plan gave me 24hr chat. Not had reply to my ? Posted earlier as to what happened to my reblog. Signing off now Sri thanks & hope not disturbed your day


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