Can you answer this ? (Questions series No-10)

Do you agree ?

Men look for SEX and find LOVE.

Women look for LOVE and find SEX.

Thank you

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24 thoughts on “Can you answer this ? (Questions series No-10)

  1. Personally I love sex, as long as it’s with someone I genuinely care about.
    Like most women, I’m not completely turned off to sex, not with the right person.

    Have a nice week!!!

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    1. Thank you Efe.
      Who does not love sex especially when one is with the one who truly cares .
      And when both the parties concerned love genuinely each other as you said ,who cares whether one is for love or sex !!
      Where does one find time to differentiate between love and sex !!
      Thank you for enriching me .
      God bless you
      Have a great day followed by a fantastic week.

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  2. True! Agree! I have written a book on this subject-‘Why men like sex and women like Intimacy”.If you want to read this book I can send across to you!

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    1. Thank you Ally’s Notebook
      Sex is a funny thing.
      Young age group sees nothing but sex.
      Middle age group look for both sex and stability in life.
      Old age group won’t mind sex ,but love to have understanding companionship.
      Any given day love is the single most important factor and both the parties concerned should realise this.
      Sex for the sake of sex all together a different subject.
      Thanks again for your frank opinion on this difficult subject.
      No body comes up so openly in these matters .

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  3. Oh my…my… What a bare naked truth.
    Yes probably what is stated above maybe true.
    But I feel Love always needn’t need the support of sex to survive.
    And people as they mature with age realises it too.
    Beautiful relationship exists without physical intimacy and has survived the test of time and floated in extreme currents with the anchor of love.

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  4. Yes.What you say is also true.
    That is what I mentioned …Love is the single important factor
    Love can sustain without sex.
    This fact is realised only when one becomes old.
    Again being old not necessary mean that the person won’t need sex .
    This is generally a complex subject and opinions vary from person to person depending on the needs, circumstances, understanding and most importantly what one is looking in the other one and to what extent this one understands the other one.
    Got confused ?
    I forwarned you that this is a highly complicated and complex subject.
    Thank you for your expert opinion.
    Appreciate .

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    1. Thank you Chiru for your thoughts and personal experience you mentioned.
      What you say is 100 % correct.
      Life is not like a fairy tale to all of us.
      I am sure you agree that Each one of us having or had our own difficult times.
      In Love & Sex matters one should be really fortunate.
      Very few are successful.


  5. In my OPINION Yes. Most men are visual and physical and base most of their decisions on a sexual standard, some women do as well but I FEEL this is a typical thing for the MAJORITY of men.

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