Can you answer this ? ( question series no-9 )

Why loving is easy but difficult to sustain ?

Thank you
Philosophy Through Photography




  1. I really don’t know how to answer that question…
    Because personally for me when it was meant to be easy but was so difficult and vice versa…
    Differs person to person I guess..

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  2. Expectations are the major killer reason which kills love a slow death. Possessiveness is another reason which drives away love slowly as one starts feeling chained down by the other’s possessive nature.
    I feel Ego also plays a great role along with lasting memory of hurtful words hurled at each other during a verbal combat and an unforgiving nature adding fuel to the already existing factors.
    All these together sees to that the love which was all what you felt for that one special person in your life which you had when you started of initially going down the drain.

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  3. Why asking this question is easy, however difficult to answer … 🙂 As a perception, I believe it takes the willingness of both persons involved to sustain their “madness” with one another. And patience within oneself and towards each other. Understanding, empathy, respect for one another. If one-sided, it ceases to be sustainably loving in the long term. Perhaps, loving is easy because it happens; sustaining is difficult as it has to ‘make happen’, requiring perseverence and maturity of the lovers towards a healthy experience together.

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