“Hour-glass Figure”

Any idea what Hour glass figure is?

This is one thing that every woman aspiring to be Miss World or Miss

Universe…dreams of !
Hour glass figure,
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It’s said Women with Hourglass Figure and perfect waists are most attractive !
But then most ladies are not that fortunate. why ?
“We all have hourglass figures;Your sand just settles in different places”.
octavia Spenc
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As I was watching this lamp glowing in one corner of the room,I realised that
there is some attraction in the lights and shadows generated by the Lamp.
Hour Glass appearance
Love is like an hourglass, with the heart filling up as the brain empties.   Jules Renard
The shadow from the lamp was such that it was resembling an Hour-glass, and
interestingly ,the appearance of the Hour-glass can be appreciated both horizontally
& vertically with one difference , one being white shaded and the other dark shaded.

Have you experienced any such thing before?

Thank you

5 thoughts on ““Hour-glass Figure”

  1. Hour Glass figure as the link you have pasted says is very rare unless one is genetically blessed with it…but that’s what all girls dream of….not realizing it’s actually not possible to maintain it unless and until they really workout and control their diet with the help of a dietician and fitness expert guiding them in their workout session… especially zero size figure being popularised by the silver screen stars. And body shaming has become a norm with many showing frowning face at those who dared to be bold and bare as they were blessed by nature. Most Indian women are wide down from the hip but most of the readymade shops they visit have clothes stacked up for Cinderella figures…making one wonder who are they making the clothes for.
    No wonder shops for plus size are on rise… everywhere…. at least they respect the body as it is.
    But there are real life stars like Vidya Balan and Nithya Menon who boldly states it’s their body and they are proud of it, and are the true idols for their followers.
    The photography of the lamp you have posted has really reflected your thoughtful post. Wonderful capture. 👌


    1. Thank you Ana,
      What way perfect way you analysed ‘Hour-glass figure’ !
      Yes.I too agree that it has something to do with Genetics
      And young girls trying to achieve this is a bit disappointing, when I read stories of how they become nervous wreck….and in medical terminology…we have one ‘Anorexia Nervosa’ where people have strong desire to be thin ( what you mentioned Zero size ) and by trying various dangerous methods to be thin ,go in for health complications !

      As you said,workout,proper diet,and exercise ( all under strict guidance of respective specialists ) one should under take this adventure….but then at what cost ? How many are successful ? How many are depressed ?
      How many committed suicide ?
      And your ref to ready made shops and our folk trying to match/struggle with the stock available, brought some smiles…but then you are calling spade a spade.
      Thank you for appreciating the photo,which in fact made me think about this topic.

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