The Closer….. the Better

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What is the toughest job on earth?

Guess and tell me.

I am sure you cannot.

Googling gives you a billion answers in a nanosecond!

Nothing to compare as to what I am going to tell!!!

If you are eager to know, just answer the following question

How to tell someone that their breath stinks without hurting their feelings?

1. When. 2. Where and 3. how to say nice words at the same time stressing the point.

Many times, we have seen relationships getting worse when somebody is frank.

Sadly, we even avoid the person while in conversation.

And even dread meeting the person.

Or you think it is rude even to give hints etc.

Or just forget everything and continue the conversation with the person and just move on….

And quite a few with bad breath go into depression and tend to avoid people or remain in isolation.

Are any members, aware of any Etiquette…if at all is there??

Is the ‘Mint’ the only solution to overcome this problem?

That is the reason the World celebrates ‘World Oral Health day’ on March 20

Who doesn’t love a sparkling smile with a lovely set of teeth?

Why not each one of us sees the Dentist regularly (once in 6 months) as required?

What are the minimum things we are supposed to do regularly?

1. Start dental care for the kids as soon as teeth start forming. 2. Brush twice a day, by using the proper technique and never forget to floss daily. If you are not aware of flossing take the help of youtube or your Dentist 3. Change the toothbrush once in 3 or 4 months. 4. Before going to bed rinse the mouth with an anti-bacterial solution. 5. Forget smoking, tobacco and all other related stuff. 6. Eat a healthy diet and I need not stress how important this is. 7. Consult a Dentist once in 6 months.

Now I come to some common dental problems we face because of our irresponsible habits

Of course, these things you already know.

1. BAD breath…. this is how I started my topic. 2. Tooth decay.3. Gum disease,4.Tooth sensitivity.5.Oral cancer.6.Of course who enjoys your unpleasant & unattractive smile?

Reader’s suggestions/opinions are appreciated.

Healthy teeth & Gums
Image credit-FDI-World Dental Federation

World Oral Health Day is celebrated every year on 20 March. It is an international day to celebrate the benefits of a healthy mouth and to promote worldwide awareness of the issues around oral health and the importance of oral hygiene in looking after everyone old and young. source-World Dental Federation-FDI

Thank you. Namaste  🙏🙏🙏

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9 thoughts on “The Closer….. the Better

  1. Apt post for World Oral health day…informative and very sensible post Sri…
    Many have a belief that regular Oral prophylaxis leads to enamel wear and tear faster. Is that true?…here regular in the sense the once in 6 months routine.
    And bad breath is one of the indication of something wrong with your stomach too. So probably a dentist alone might not be able to help you here.
    Flossing again is not much practiced here in India this making the availability of a good dental floss very restricted to some places. And if not done properly it can do harm than benefit.
    Oral hygiene should be instilled from young. Conducting children friendly camps in school can benefit both the children from young and the Pediatric Dentistry to thrive in India.

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    1. Hi Ana
      Thank you
      1. This belief is 100% Wrong.
      2. Seeing Dentist is as per your convenience.Nothing wrong in consulting dentist once in 6 months.
      3.Halitosis ( bad breath ) is the term used in Medical world.Bad breath has many causes including stomach problems.Oral cause is one of the common reasons for bad breath which can be easily be cured.Once Dental cause is eliminated by the dentist,Gastro specialist can look into stomach causes.
      4.As far as dental flossing is concerned,good products are available.If people are not buying Floss why will medical shopwala keep the stock ?
      Flossing is the best technique to remove the inter dental stuck food particles Only thing is people should be taught properly how to use it.Flossing causing harm to gums very rare,unless you use it roughly.
      5.As you said,conducting dental camps in schools is the best way to bring awareness for the kids.
      Thanks again for these intelligent doubts.

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