Can you answer this ? (Questions series No-5)

“The heart does things for reasons that reason can’t understand.”

Jacques Benigne Bossel

Why,reason is helpless to understand the feelings of the heart ?

Why heart is overtaking  and dominating everything ?

Thank you

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24 thoughts on “Can you answer this ? (Questions series No-5)

  1. Because reason is logical, it responds to lines. Heart is illogical, it responds to feelings.
    Heart is instinctive, it goes wherever it feels. Reason is left to try to make sense of it all.

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  2. Ah! You are asking a question which literary monarchs like William Shakespeare and William Wordsworth didn’t dare to answer… The heart wants what it wants to… they say listen to your heart and go for it… follow your heart as long as it makes you happy

    The Heart wants what it wants – or else it does not care
    Emily Dickinson

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    1. Hi Ana, I have to agree with you on this
      “Mind is the content of who you are
      Heart is your essence
      Heart is not subject to chaos or limited by pain,fear,neuroses,but is joyful,creative & loving” Ed &Deb Shapiro
      ” A good heart is better than all the heads in the world” Robert Bulwer-Lytton.
      My take- Mind confuses you but Heart sticks to its point.


  3. We cant blindly follow wat heart wants in some better to keep balancing both of them…Thats wat i think ,but I love to listen Dil ki Bath…..

    *Dil ka rishta tho bada kubsoorat hotha hey *…kisne kaha hey!!!

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    1. Wah Kya baath kahi aapne… Dil ke baare mein kaafi kuch jaanthe ho Kya? Tuudas how do you balance both heart and mind… please enlighten..
      Sri hope u don’t mind me asking this to clarify this in your post.

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      1. Anamikaji ye dil bada batmeez hotha hey..use bade mushkilse sabhalna padatha hey..
        Mera dil ketha hey ki mujhe apse milna chaiye…!!! Lekin ye tho woh nahi saktha..abh mene apne dil ko bade pyar se samchaya hey…..

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      1. Hi philosphyji
        Let me ask you ki ap kise manthe ho Heart ya mind ?
        I have not decided to follow my heart ..i just said i love to do it and that doesnt mean i am …
        Its always a war btw both of them.
        Anways Thanks for sharing this emotional thoughts here .

        Jate jate just dedicating a song to every one …

        O meri dil ki chain….(.rajesh khana song)

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        1. Ha ha ..Let the heart find total peace Tuudas ji.
          You can’t beat the lyrics na
          Just watch how the feelings flowing in the song meri dilki chain… .
          ‘My heart has no other dwelling except Your bending eyelashes.What can I do if my heart likes only you?”
          One is helpless when the heart behaves this way na ?
          Funny heart,behaving like a crazy (monkey) brain !!
          Thank you for your lovely insight on this subject.


  4. Tuudas jaane anjaane mein aapne ye Kya maang liya….mujse milna ka farmaish tho aapka poori hogayi na iss platform mein… Jo aapna kahi Dil bathameez hone ki…ye mein man lethi hun ….kyun ki ye logic sunn ne ko thayyar hi nahi ….Dil bade he beyiman. Ye samajtha hi nahi…laakh samjawo phir bi…


    1. Arre yaar iss platform ki bath nahi …kahi aur milne ki bath !!
      Lekin chalo kabhi na kabhi kahi kahi na milege ….iss kubsoort duniiya itni badi hey ki upar wale chaha tho kahi na tho ittefaq se miljayege…

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      1. Thoba Meri…Ye Kya chah li aapne… Khudrat ka Karishma Hein tho dekh lenge. Waise hum bi iss post administrator ki reply ka rah dekh rahi hein ki Kya rayi ye unke dho anjaan log online mein friendship hone ke baath… meet Kare tho acha hoga ya bura…
        Sri over to you…


  5. Sri… this post of yours has become very emotional place… people wanting to meet each other…how sane you think this idea of meeting someone whom we know only online….
    Ok I know what you will say about fabrication of our imagination but do you think reality is harder and harsher to take in than the imagination?
    Your take please… and this time please don’t slide of like a varral fish.

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