Can you answer this ? ( Questions series No-3)

Why majority of us love to love only the lovely and not the ugly and what is your definition of ugly ?

Thank you

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24 thoughts on “Can you answer this ? ( Questions series No-3)

  1. It’s genetics and evolution, maybe at one point in human development that’s what was needed for humans to evolve. I think people today learnt to view the world beyond simple aesthetics

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  2. In my view what looks lovely could actually be ugly and vice versa!It is not the skin of a person but his/her attitude and humanity that matters.

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  3. Ugly is according to me the disfigurement of mind and thoughts which results in criminal deeds…
    Beauty actually lies in the beholder’s eyes ….If I feel you are beautiful… you are beautiful… no matter what others say. But I should feel from within. We say Crow is one of the least beautiful looking bird, but to it’s mother there is nothing as pretty as its own child.

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    1. Well said Ana.How true it is….”beauty in the eyes of beholder”
      As one reader Ajeanneinthekitchen said….when there is beauty….there also has to be ugly somewhere since one can’t exist without the other.
      so it is impossible to say what constitutes ugly…..I mean by appearance.
      Thank you for your thoughts and agree regarding the dirty mind.

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          1. You make me blush…it’s your kind heart which makes you say this…don’t knw about others but glad you lik my interactions. Happy to be associated with this beautiful blog of yours Sri…

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  4. Lovely and ugly are just opinions.. We grow up watching movies and that is the main reason we judge things based on the outer beauty but we are unaware of the fact that beauty lies deeper than the surface..ugly to me is anything that is fake but pretend to be real

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