“You have to treat ‘death’ like any other part of your life”- Tom Sneva

You have to treat 'death' like any other part of your life- Tom Sneva
Death is not important. As long we are here, there is no death. And when death is there, we will not be here anymoreEpicurus

Don’t get scared of death !

True !

Embrace your life,do the best you can with your life because when it’s over..it’s really over.There is no afterlife or paradise.

Thank you

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12 thoughts on ““You have to treat ‘death’ like any other part of your life”- Tom Sneva

  1. Good morning my friend!!

    As Epictetus taught his students “Death and pain are not frightening, it’s the fear of pain and death we need to fear…So be confident about death, and caution yourself against the fear of it – just the opposite, in other words, of what we are doing now. Now we shrink from death, whereas our views about death hardly concern us, we hardly give them a thought, and are completely apathetic. Socrates used to call such fears ‘hobgoblins’, and rightly so; just as masks scare and frighten children since they haven’t seen them before, we react to events in much the same way and for much the same reason. What is a child? Ignorance and inexperience. But with respect to what it knows, a child is every bit our equal. What is death? A scary mask. Take it off – see, it doesn’t bite. “

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          1. Jijnyasa (Jnatum icchaa) – means desire to know, which is a basic quality of human existence!!

            There are great thinkers all over the world !!

            The special quality of seeking knowledge that the human race has acquired through evolution is abstract thought, or the probing of the world of ideas.

            This is what makes human race unique and all civilizations worthy of study. We find in their legacy arts, architecture, writings, musings, inventions, dwellings and habitats, and a body of thought, or philosophy through their footprints on sands of time.

            Thank you my friend for all !!!

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    1. Eternal life is possible as per all the religions.
      Some say that eternal life is unknown entity,since none has seen or proved how it looks or appears.
      My guess is you can make life eternal in this world itself by being kind,showing compassion,spreading love,come out of egoistic tendency,wife and husband not fighting or parents not fighting in front of kids,respecting individual feelings most importantly valuing the entire creation living and nonliving,enough and our earth will be a Heaven and we won’t be chasing eternal life.
      Don’t you agree serving humanity is serving God?
      None knows what happens to us after we die.
      Since all of us belong to one religion or other and we have faith in respective religion’s teaching ,we feel that there is what is known as eternal life ‘after death’

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  2. Well what more do i add when the philosopher in you has really became active… Yes, all the above said can make our earthly life an eternal life but how many really can follow this in practical life is a question mark ?
    I do agree serving humanity is serving God
    And you are a living example of this…


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