Life isn’t perfect,but it has perfect moments

Life is n't perfect,but it has perfect moments
It is not the years in your life but the life in your years that counts  Adlai stevensony 

We all know that Life can never be ‘Instagram Perfect’.

But still,why we all make our life miserable ?

1.Because we worry about future which is unknown.

2..We quarrel among ourselves for what happened yesterday,who is responsible etc and trying to blame others or ourselves in the process.Yesterday is past….and nothing can be done,but still we worry for the things that happened.

3. We forget to be happy  today conveniently because we have something or other priorities to attend.

Things don’t happen as per our wish,not readily waiting for us on the silver platter.

Do you remember the quote”Good things come to those who wait” It is nothing but rubbish.Life is never kind and it owes us nothing.There is no such thing called ‘Happy Life’ and my point is that you have to ‘live’  in the moment and make your life ‘Happy’

“It’s not a case of finding the meaning of the moments,but giving the moments meaning”. Steven Redhe

This life is our own and it resonates how you want it to live.If you want it to be miserable’s the way it’s going to be for you.

“you can frame a moment,But you can’t frame life”    Armin Houman

‘Hope’ is good,no doubt it sustains us but then we should make attempts to make that hope a reality by living in the ‘moment’

Then how not to feel miserable in life ? My thoughts are simple.

1.Stop over thinking.

2.Stop judging others.

3.Remember,nothing under your control.Just move along the flow

4.Avoid the mentality of perfectionist.

5.Stop criticizing.You know only part of the story.

6.Avoid negative thoughts .

7.Most importantly stop comparing yourself.

Thank you

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12 thoughts on “Life isn’t perfect,but it has perfect moments

  1. True isn’t it? Life is never perfect, a fairytale ending is only possible in the stories or cinemas, but in life only one thing exist.. ..perfect moments. Now there are two ways to it. Either seize the perfect moment when you find one….or make the perfect moment happen in your life.
    Life comes in different packages to different people, but if we decide to lighten the burden of one another… the perfect moment just happened regardless of the imperfect life we lead…..Hope you had the fair share of the perfect moments of the day Sri…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Appreciate Ana.
      Could n’t agree more.
      One may or may not have perfect moments but atleast if one is able to make the other have a perfect moment…nothing equals to this feeling for both the individuals concerned.

      Yes and True.I am having fair share of happy moments both in the morning after I get up and again in the night as I am winding up.This is happening every day and I am fortunate and God is kind.

      Liked by 1 person

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