Wednesday Warm up

Wednesday warm up

“If you spend too much time warming up,you will miss the race.

If you don’t warm up at all you may not finish the race”

Grand Heidrich

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Warm up

        1. Yes I am serious.
          Bonjour Chere-Madame
          We are in 21st century.
          Now a days of ‘Virtual Hug’ is a possibility for those who miss the physical’Hug’ and thus their unfulfilled wish is fulfilled.
          Iam giving the example of virtual Hug of present generation ( X y z. . name it )

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          1. Haha….That is the cutest thing anyone has done for me. At the end of a tiring day: this means so much. God bless you and keep you for all the care you bestow on me time and again…
            This is the most comforting hug of the day and to get it on a Valentine’s Day makes it all the more special.

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