How are you celebrating the Valentine’s day,this time ?

Valentines day

Valentine’s day is the day,when all over the world,LOVE is celebrated.

It’s celebrated on 14 th February of every year.

Just think for a second.Are we true to the spirit of Valentine’s day ?

Is it necessary to wait for this day to express love ?

Instead we can  show this love in every day of our life.

Don’t you think true love is the one,which is beyond conditions ?

True love should be forever supportive.

Love should be constant both in times of happiness and sorrow.

Of late, we have become busy in  showing off love ,instead of taking solemn pledge of Love !

And on the Valentine’s day,funnily we exaggerate our Love !

To show love you must buy something and this is  where industries are making a kill on this day,defeating the very purpose of Valentina day.

I guess we are over rating the day !

Money, money,money,it’s so funny !

My take, Love never fails,instead people fail on love.

“Love never dies a natural death.It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source.It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals.It dies if illness and wounds,It dies of weariness,of witherings,or tarnishings.” Anais Nin

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6 thoughts on “How are you celebrating the Valentine’s day,this time ?

  1. A tad bit early for Valentine’s Day, isn’t it? But who cares as long as it is love we are talking about…
    Uhmm….unconditional love just like how Katy Perry sang.
    Love doesn’t need any specific day to be proclaimed about but…. that one day the poor love gets an extra bit of attention, pampering and a quality time…..
    If quality time could be given to the one we love, that itself is the best ever gift the two can gift to each other.
    So, do we need a Valentines Day?…
    Why not, after all it’s just another day to renew the vow of love….

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    1. I know Ana,it’s just 6 days ahead.
      But I wanted to know how people are going to answer my question (if at all they respond) and how they are preparing for the much awaited event !
      You are right ,love is perfect as long as it is unconditional .
      I even go one step ahead,….If you spend quality time to the one you love…That means you are sharing part of your available life ( on Earth) with this person.I feel that’s the real love and it should be mutual and long lasting and the joy between them can not be expressed.
      I always wonder why should the two go on taking vows year after year,just like …one renewing the rental agreement.Have they not taken vows in the beginning ?🤔

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      1. Haha….that’s an interesting question…indeed why do they keep taking vows again, as they have done it in the beginning ….but Sri, in this fast paced life, we forget what we had for lunch strday if suddenly taken by a surprise question abt it, in spite of working hard for it. So don’t you think a reaffirmation of ‘ Je t’aime’ is not wrong once in a year….if not for the benefit of the other half….. kind of self reminding too, that we have some one to look forward to in our life. Just an opinion …


  2. Interesting answer to my query.( our disussion is limited to the saga of lovers and cultural differences in various parts of the world )
    But don’t you think there is hell of difference between just foregetting instantly what you ate for the afternoon and forgetting your love vows,which you take in front of God?
    Can Fast paced life be an excuse for yearly repeating the vows ?
    As I understand ,this repeating vows is necessary if there is a change in the partner,I mean different partner,but not necessary for dedicated partners or wife & husband (my personal opinion and others have a perfect right not to agree )
    Culture also plays some imprtant role.‘ Je t’aime’ is a necessity in your part of world,in our part of the world, one need not keep on repeating ‘ Je t’aime’ at every available opportunity to prove the sincereity,since the partners already knew the seriousness of being together.
    It’s also interesting to note and know how each culture differs in expressing love to each other.
    Please add further to my existing limited knowledge.
    May be some western friends can enlighten me further on this subject.
    I shall also try to get help from Efi,the knowledge bank.


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