Love in the air

love in the air

“Something just makes Sense and one of those is You

and I”


Thank you  Philosophy Through Photography

Image source © Dr.Sridhar,2019 All Rights Reserved

11 thoughts on “Love in the air

    1. Thank you
      Yes Anamika.Yes,I remember it was in one of the famous hotels stay,its in the balcony that I noticed these to soulmates.There was a beautiful tree in the background and I just wanted to blur the tree,I felt satisfied for the outcome.
      When I use the term soulmates…somebody said there is no such thing as soulmates.Is that true ?

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      1. Wow….that’s an awesome click making it one of the best shot of urs. They really look loveie doveie couple, the blurred tree makes the shot more attractive.
        To tell you the truth i didn’t believe in Soulmate and Parallel universe philosophy till few months back. But I would say now my opinion has changed a bit may be because of certain influence in recent times. So my opinion is that Soulmates is very much a interesting and believable aspect.

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