Life is short….but you can live longer👍

Life is short...but you can live longer,long life
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The other day one of our exceptionally brilliant readers wondered, how the time is running so fast,we are in the middle of January,still we are dreaming….as if we celebrated new year just yesterday…is this not scarring? Life is moving so fast, refusing to wait !
I felt … it’s true

And shortly…the spring will run into summer and Summer chasing Fall and Fall merging with Winter in no time and soon we celebrate Christmas and eagerly waiting for the safe delivery of 2020 and in between many will be in touch with the Creator…
Then the thought of why can’t we live longer lingered in my mind!
Yes.Why not ?
All of you know life is awesome !

If you ask ,each one gives their own many reasons as to why they love to live longer.Very few say they want to die earlier.

Don’t you think there is so much of unfulfilled wishes to be full filled?
There is so much to do,so much to see,so much to enjoy,so much to learn,so much to discuss,so many new People to meet,new friends,new thoughts,new experiences….
…..oh my life ! My dear life…..and you think just 70-80 yrs of life is sufficient ?

There won’t be negative feelings or sadness or sorrow if one were to live forever.Of course ones health should be good,but this is possible as science is advancing and most probably in 2100 death can be delayed indefinitely.

But why you don’t want to die ?

It’s very simple my friend.Death means, all your taste for enjoying the good life gone.You miss the beauty of universe.You miss your near and miss unfinished miss, loving your sweetheart.

OK.But Why do you wish to live forever ?

I have an answer.

Modern age is better than Iron age.Iron age was better than bronze age.Bronze age was better than stone age.
As things become better and better ,we wish to live longer.We starts inventing things where in death can be delayed.As technology advances,they day may not be far,where death can become optional.

What is the present scenario ?

  1. Living forever is not possible, but living longer is possible (quora)
  2. Eat & Drink Healthy
  3. Have sound mind and you can take correct decisions.
  4. Have a good social life.Have limited number of friends,who value the meaning of life just like you.
  5. Remember not to possess anger & Ego
  6. When you get up in the morning,first thing you do is to remember God and express your gratitude ,since you are breathing and lucky to be alive. 153,424 people won’t see another tomorrow ( WHO)

If you want to live longer – watch this clip. (  3 minute Video )

Thank you    Philosophy Through Photography

  11 comments for “Life is short….but you can live longer👍

  1. January 18, 2019 at 3:01 pm

    So true Sri….every word you said is so true…
    Yes who doesn’t want to live more to be loved more.
    I am sure those who try taking their life too does it in the spur of the moment anxiousness or depression… those who survived has always agreed it was the biggest mistake they did. Unless they are suffering from chronic depression… in that case they need immediate medical attention….and the video posted was an awesome watch and yes I agree that’s the best way to live too. Glad you gave a deeper thought to a mentioned statement… and for taking the rumblings seriously….Have a good day..

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  2. January 18, 2019 at 3:10 pm

    Thank you Ana for further enlarging the subject with precise analysis.

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  3. March 12, 2019 at 12:00 pm

    Lovely video on life in Sardinia Sri and lovely post all round.
    I think although times were hard in Ireland when my parents were growing up that sense of community with laughter and faith kept them going. Once each of them knew they couldn’t visit again due to ill health, dad 67& mum 90, I think they lost their will to live.

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    • March 12, 2019 at 12:38 pm

      My sincere appreciation Margaret for your insight.Older generation people,I feel are lucky.
      Yes we can live longer,and our attitude makes all the difference.Thank you.

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  4. September 25, 2019 at 3:15 pm

    Hi Sri,
    Just revisiting this post and just as refreshing a read as when i first visited. Thank you.

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