I have no Self-ie Control

I don't have self-ie control

With the selfies, a photographer has finally found his place in a photograph. Amit Kalantri

Professional Photographers can make a real kill,because of selfies.

As an amateur photographer,I realized that selfie makes one’s life miserable.

1.Selfies distort your face by 30 % .The truth is you look ugly.people are dejected for this and try to avoid the world.

2.Selfie face distortion making people do nose jobs and plastic surgeons have become busy .Some body even inventing app( commercialization),which is supposed to correct the distortion

3. People becoming obsessed and in the process getting depressed.

4. As a medical professional,I can tell you that regular usage of selfie can give you SELFIE WRIST, an emerging hazard in this digital era.Selfie wrist causes pain,numbness and tingling sensation in the hand.( carpal tunnel syndrome)
Doctor warns-rise in cases of selfie wrist

5.Hundreds and thousands are getting killed while trying to take selfies with India in the lead,followed by Russia.USA and Pakistan.
List of selfie related injuries and deaths ( Oct 2011-Jan 2019)

I conclude..

“The inventor of the mirror poisoned the human heart”.

Fernando Pessoa wiseoldsayings.com


  1. Uhmm…true na,people have become more self obsessed and self conscious because of this selfie wave which has currently taken over.
    Once in a while…. would be fine…. but forever posing in front of the mob cam with or without the pout has become a annoyance and irritating. The beauty of the photography was the camera angle seen by the photographer, which no more exists …the world is fast changing…. i must say.

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    • Hi, Author Anagalicblog Thank you so much for stopping by.It’s a pleasure always to interact with you.Thanks for your perspective.
      If you closely read my post ,no where I mentioned that Selfie robs individual happiness.If one loves Selfie,excellent,none can stop and it’s individual liberty.But the point I am trying to stress is …obsession of selfie & its harmful effects over the period of time,even leading to death in extreme situations.Here in comes my title….lack of self control ….that’s all I wanted to explain.It is generally said any thing in excess is not good for the soul.
      Thanks again for the opportunity you gave me for this thought provoking interaction

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