Bullshit In the guise of True Love !

Bullshit in the guise of true love.

See this clip(117 seconds) before you proceed further. Does true love exist? I dare ! Rabbi Dr.Abraham calls’Love out of selfishness’ is a Fish Love.He says”Fish love is poisoning marriages,damaging homes and breaking hearts”. Sex,money or power will decide the intensity of the so-called true love. you may blast me that ….I am,atrocious,stone-hearted, silly, crazy, cruel,disgusting and disappointing but I […]

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Special Recognition of authors

Its a great feeling to be recognized by SIWO. We are honored by Dr. Ngobesing Suh Romanus.I express my gratitude for your constant encouragement,guidance and support. With Love Dr.Sridhar. Philosophy through photography. https://philosophyviaphotos.wordpress.com/ SUCCESS INSPIRERS' WORLD Although the following 30 authors did not feature among the best 10 for the Best 10 Authors Award, the marvelous work they did on […]

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Are you listening ?

Are you listening ?

You can agree with me or you can be wrong          etcy.com It’s natural to think that you are right.But experience should teach you that sometimes you are not and that is wise to listen to others Thank you  Philosophy Through Photography   IS pixabay ,auroraproduction.com

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