It has always been you and it will always be you….

“When you get married, your loyalty, first and foremost, is to your spouse, and to the family that you create together.”                                                                                                                         – Phil McGraw,


When you feel that every person in this world has deserted you,

You are never truly alone,

I am still there for you

Take a moment,right here ,right now,

and thank them for that

No mater how bad your day is,

there is always a happy face

waiting for you

to get home.





16 thoughts on “It has always been you and it will always be you….

            1. I am not into any software stuff,leave alone hacking…..I am amazed the way technology is progressing and find funny in sense …it is both constructive and destructive.Do you have a separate course for hacking ? What is the idea of hacking ? Don’t laugh at me ,Iam a layman in this .


              1. Hacking is not basically a course, it is a skill which is limitless wide.
                You will never be satisfied with your programming skills. This skill can be only developed my ourselves and our willingness to learn more and more. Hacking is breaking the security of online world.
                For example weapons and powers are used for mass destruction or mass protection. Depending upon what you choose.
                It’s all upto you whether you wanna be a terrorist or a soldier or a commando or a spy.
                Hacking also have many forms, it may be destructive or maybe protective or even may be spying.

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