Thirsty Thursday

Thirsty Thursday

To go with coffee or……..


Thirsty Thursday

……….to go with good spirit

My life is 50% wondering

If it’s  too late to drink Coffee

And 50% wondering

If it’s is too early to drink Alcohol

What is your advice my friends?……..I remember a proverb in English ‘A Friend in need is A friend indeed’

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24 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday

    1. Tough question indeed.Made me really think & think.Hence the delay in responding.My apologies.

      I am not sure whether you meant Alcohol & spirutuality.I never meant to bring spirutuality in the discussion,since I am a God fearing person. What I meant was ‘HAPPY ‘

      Yes.I think it can offer good spirit but in reasonable quantities
      Good spirits makes one happy, being responsible,with full of confidence,irrespective of the situation or circustances at that moment .Here you can even take literally the meaning of good spirits ie Spirits of kindness.

      However if one goes beyond the limits,where in, one loses the faculties,then one is sure to lose the personality,I mean inhibition.

      Thank you Tanusrirchokhe for the thought provoking question.

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      1. No,no , I also thought about happiness. Aneway, there is nothing to be apologized. This is a platform where we can exchange our views. Actually my thoughts are different. Can’t someone be happy without Alcohol ?We have tremendous power inside. Anyway,Views may differ from person to person.
        Thank you for sharing your views !

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        1. An equally interesting reply.
          Yes some people can be still be happy without alcohol.
          Alcohol is just an example.
          But in our life,ie in real life, all of us have someweakness for some thing or other….where in the person derives happiness.It is upto one to call it good or bad.
          But the others perception of that individual (getting happiness from his/her weakness)may make one to jump to conclusion that the person is bad.
          Always I wonder,why it is so…..what is good to one can be bad to other ? How to
          explain? I don’t have an answer.Thanks again.

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