Who is correct ?

We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us    ‘unknown’

By this time,you must have read the news that An American was killed by an isolated tribe in the sentinel Island of Andaman.Our sympathies and prayers are for the young boy and his family.

The sentinelese people resist any attempt by outsiders to reach them.They are also protected by the Indians laws where in, it is illegal to approach them,since the government  wants to protect the tribe against outside diseases spreading to them and wiping out the entire tribe of 100- 200 people.( since these people have no immunity for diseases)

Andaman & Nicobar Islands is  one of the  union territories of India and are scattered group of islands in the bay of Bengal.

The Sentinelese people violently resist any contact with outsiders.

It is said that this young American wanted to reach this tribe to spread the Message of Jesus & Christianity and Love.

Man killed on remote Indian island tried to ‘declare Jesus’ to tribe


Now my point is who is correct & who is wrong ?

Is the tribe is correct in killing this young boy for reaching them (against their set of rules) ?

Is this young boy correct in reaching the tribe (against Indian laws) to spread the message since he believes in certain faith ?

Who is to Judge and what will be his or her Judgment ?

I remember the following quote….. that No body is wrong.

“Genuine tragedies  in the world are not conflicts between the right & wrong.They are conflicts between two rights”.  George Hegel

What are your thoughts ?

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20 thoughts on “Who is correct ?

  1. It’s the first time I heard this, and to be honest I am shocked and also intrigued.
    Those people have no right to kill a person, even though they are in a harsh situation, they should have just thrown him away, not kill him.

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  2. In the end he at least he tried to do something bigger than himself. Just because he was killed doesn’t take away from what he accomplished. Now people are talking about God and the “untouched” people. Maybe he accomplished more than what he had intended.

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  3. I think his intention was good but the route he chose to spread the love of God was probably not the right one. But we can never say nor judge because if many years before the then missionaries had not gone to spread the good word and help them to become literate many of the African tribes would have.remained uncivilized. But.they are well civilized and literated tdy thanks to those brave missionaries who not only spread the God’s love but civilization too.

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    1. Interesting observation.
      But People who belong to neutral category feel that it’s none of anybody’s business to interfere in some body’s lives,leave alone attempt to convert the others faith.
      Is it not better….if one one adopts live and let live,instead of interfering.
      what one feels as a great civilisation the other one feels opposite.
      People continue to live whether there is civilisation or not.This story happening since millions of years.
      What you think right may be just wrong to other.
      Every tribe has got their own technique and instinct to survive.They just do not like interference.
      Are we not trespassing the Lord’s intentions.?
      Lord wants everybody to live in peace,and none should be hurt or forced against the will.

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      1. Uhmm. I find this observation of yours really worthwhile. It’s true where my nose ends the other persons space begin.
        But if things were better left just like that then why do we celebrate Mother Teresa as a saint of the poor and needy.
        Why do we have a world literacy day? Why do we promote people like Mr. Muruganandham for inventing low cost sanitary pads. If you read his story you will understand that he being a man took all the brunt even from his own wife and his relatives just to give all women who couldn’t afford proper hygiene during their Menstruation days. If he had let things be as it is rural women would be still using hay and newspapers instead of pads. That too when the world has moved on to using tampons for convenience sake. Our current government included sanitary pads under luxury items in GST. How in the world a necessity item become a luxury item i still have no clue.
        Spreading the Lord’s words is secondary or tertiary but I think spreading the Lord’s love through the good deeds is primary
        Sridhar ji this is merely my observation , and i am sure open to urs too. I like healthy conversation with an intelligent mind.

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