Truth is Single or Many ?

truth single or many

Is truth single or multiple ?

No two individuals see the challenges and situations in the sameway.

Hence there is no one truth. But many truths.

“In a rapidly ascending balloon, were two men.One watched the earth getting farther and farther away.

One watched the stars getting nearer and nearer and nearer.”

George Nathan

Truth single or many

21 thoughts on “Truth is Single or Many ?

  1. If it’s Multiple Then It Can’t Be Truth,The Idea of Multiplicity Of Truth Is Due To Post Modern Era of Relativism. It States That Everything Is Relative Which is True To Some Extent Because Everything Within Universe Is Relative To Time But Time Itself is Not Absolute . It’s Relative To Space. So In a Way at a Given Time & Place a Thing Can Be True But In Other Time & Place It can Be False,Hence There Is No Permanent Truth. But Truth at a Given Time Space Is absolute. So Truth Is absolute But It Can’t Be Confirmed.

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    1. Thank you Pankanzy.
      I think you demystified once for all regarding truth being true at a given time and place not necessarily so in another time and place and that the truth can be interpreted differently at different times .

      It looks like perception of the truth,even when the truth is absolute makes all the difference.

      Thanks again enlightening me regarding,time,space and relativity .


      1. Actually I Want To say That According To Definitions A Thing Or Subject Can Be True If It Can Be Verify anywhere & anytime. So If a Truth is absolute Then It’s Negation Will also Prove It , Therefore It Can Be Verified anywhere For Example I Am Not In Japan This Means That I Can Be anywhere In The World So The If You Know My Location Now & That is Not Japan Then The Sentence is an absolute Truth Because I am In Japan That Can’t Be Proved.
        So I am Existing Is an absolute Truth Because You Can Verify it & It’s In Knowledge of Someone. It Can Be True Till I Die. But After My Death If Somebody Says That He Was Existing Then it’s also an absolute truth. But for Person Who doesn’t Know Me at all & Say That I Don’t Exist Then It’s False Because He Doesn’t Have Knowledge & Don’t have any Verification.
        So Truth is That Which is In Knowledge of The observer & Can Be Verified .

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    2. Truth Only knows Truth………There are no distortions or variations of Truth. We are connected to an ifinite creation, Time does not exist. No matter where along any given “Line”…….truth will always be Truth

      Have a beautiful Journey

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      1. Thanks Philosophy. If anything is true, it must be acknowledged by the individual, in their head and their heart. They must believe it for themselves, not just because everyone else believes it, because then they are simply lying to themselves. Just to fit in. This is how malice is born.

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  2. You gave solution to the so called conflicting situations around. Only if we are able to replace ‘ही’ with ‘भी’ (Mine is also truth n yours too) would leave no reason for clash 🙏🙂

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  3. Different Souls have a different understanding of Truth yet Our Truth is the same. It is no ‘distant’ dream. Love shows us our Truth. Love shows us our purpose. Love elevates Humanity infinitely

    Have a beautiful journey

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  4. Reality exists inside us and outside of us. I was thinking how we can be talking about the same situation as in this wonderful story above, but we can both see it quite differently. For example, we can both be aware of the fact that there are trees, but if we use the word “tree,” you have your vision of what a tree is and I have mine, and they may be totally different. In fact, the likelihood of our vision of trees being exactly the same is not likely unless we live in an area where there is perhaps only one type of tree. So yes, truth exists outside us, and our minds have created a dual reality in a sense of what we tend to see when we are speaking from memory, and what we see when we are looking directly at the subject. Thank you most kindly.


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