Don’t feel bad….

Dead clock,life

Every bad situation will have something positive.

Even a dead clock shows correct time ,twice a day.


During the difficult time in life, develop the habit of  having immense  faith that situations will improve and soon your  life will be on the right track.

To be frank ,this is what happens if you have a little patience and sooner the dark clouds get cleared and you get a perfect vision to see things and get ideas how best to come out of the situation in a positive way.

Don’t ask me how much time it will take,remember,these are testing times and have faith and patience.

Ultimately you are the winner !


Some say the above unknow quote is nothing but Height of OPTIMISM or even go to the extent of telling us it’s Height of IDIOSY.

IF YOU REALLY BELIEVE THIS QUOTE, ARE YOU NOT BOTH A FOOL & OPTIMISTIC,since rest of the time the clock shows nothing but wrong time misleading you.

Still Confused ??

Let us patiently wait for the members of the community to extend their expertise.

8 thoughts on “Don’t feel bad….

  1. It is all about the perspective of looking at a situation and above all -good or bad it will just pass by.. so lets keep our faith intact that whatever is happening is the right thing to have happened..
    Regards 🙏

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  2. A healthy amount of patience is always great, but sometimes it’s to your benefit (maybe even advantage) to have some impatience put towards the right reasons!!

    Have a nice day my friend!!!


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