Shadow Man or Shady man ??


Shadow man ? OR silhouetted man ? Or shade of a

man ?

The other day when I was enjoying my beverage in the

restaurant, , I noticed an image on the wall and lost

no opportunity to have a shot.

As a beginner I used to get confused about the

various terms being used. What I understand my

limited knowledge as follows.

Shadow: Used to describe specific object or people blocking the Sunlight.

Shade: Used to describe the general areas blocked by Sunlight. Ex- Shade from tree, Shade from building etc.

Size of Both shadow & shade depends on the intensity and direction of the Sunlight.

Silhouette: It is the specific shape/outline of an object /person cast by light source.

I presume the above image is that of a silhouette of

the man.

Correct me if I am wrong.May be some

professional photographers there can help me.

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    1. Thank you for your blessings especially on the occasion of today’s great Hindu Festival day (Vijayadashami). Thank you also for the Picture Correct’s article on shadows and the video clip.Learnt Lots of information.Thanks for taking this trouble.You are very helpful by nature.

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