Cross on the Tree

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cross on the tree

The ‘Cross’ represents the universal symbol of the Christian Faith and I was lucky to see a’Cross’ from the mother nature.

When I was passing through one of the hill stations, I noticed this particular tree far away from the human population , having a ‘Cross Symbol ‘ on the top .

I just can not imagine how is this possible because the tree has a very thin trunk, and possibility of human being climbing and cutting the tops to get this shape is impossible,

Not only this…the tree can not be approached since it has almost 45 degrees dangerous slope ( I mean tilt ) from the base of the mountain floor and any body making attempt to climb , is sure to fall into the gorge along with the tree.

Am I witness to a miracle…..I am not sure.

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      1. I am trying to trace,at which article of yours made me follow you, but I concede defeat.Not able to trace.I guess I followed you first because of your soft tone and humorous replies forcing one to come out with response.( Sometimes helplessly).Thank God u were there in WP.

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          1. Haha…you are keeping count Sridhar ji? I am sure your followers are much more in numbers ..and they enjoy your work more than mine as at least u are more regular in posting and you pose very interesting questions too to the readers.


  1. Oh! Really great !
    So Jesus helped me and advised me to be in touch with a kind,jovial,humane and humorous personality.Thank you my lord,
    Bahut Shukriya.Ithna research kiye aapne.Going back….in time.and pulling out minute details…My God !,thanks again,to this talented lady.

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